Pair - Phonak Audéo B50

$3,499.99 $1,777.99


Pair – Phonak Audéo B50

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$3,499.99 $1,777.99

Pair of New Phonak Audéo B50 Hearing Aids. This is a RIC (receiver in canal) hearing aid and is the newest advanced technology chip made by Phonak. The technology level is Standard. The Phonak Audéo B50 uses the Belong technology platform, which allows clearer, comprehensive speech understanding.

Receive with Purchase:

2 – Phonak Audéo B50 Hearing Aids
60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Loss & Damage Warranty ($250 replacement fee on claim. 1 claim usage per hearing aid within term)
Initial Programming
Adjustments in 60 Day Trial
Standard Shipping Included in USA
1 Year Supply of Batteries, Domes, Filters.

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6 reviews for Pair – Phonak Audéo B50

  1. Liza liza

    Almost 6 months after the purchase of my Phonak CROSII System, I am enjoying my hearing system tremendously! It is great to be able to hear in situations when we are driving in the car and I can hear clearly from all passengers. The clarity of my Audeo V90 is amazing!! Considering the price of my system from Cashpriplaza, it has been a great experience!!!

  2. Fadaka trop

    Buy Hear were great people to work with, response to any question or issue of support was rapid and well executed. I saved a lot of money going with Cashpriseplaza, thanks for all your help.

  3. William Tood

    I purchased the Octicon OPN’s and I’ve had them for about a month….the product is great and the service from Cashpriseplaza has been wonderful. I was skeptical like others, but I’ve got NO second thoughts.

  4. Liza liza

    Be smart, save a lot of money,have a laugh talking to these guys,and upgrade your hearing level from the back seat to the front seat. It is scary putting big money out on the net but it is more scary spending twice the amount at a local office. I did it and glad I did. Do it and spend the savings on a new guitar.

  5. Freebia

    I was concerned at first about buying from an online outlet, but Cashpriseplaza has been tremendous both in terms of answering pre-sale questions to support after purchase. The Oticon Opn’s I’ve purchased are fantastic (I’ve upgraded from Oticon Agil Pro’s) and a big step up in sound quality and technology. Kudos to Buyhear for providing the best price around as well as fantastic service!

  6. Chloe tee

    If you’ve thought about getting a hearing aide don’t buy from your local audiologist! Buy hear literally. Save big. Get supreme service. Feel confident it will be the best place to get the latest and greatest hearing aide. I can adjust mine from my cell phone. I can hear calls on my phone straight into my hearing aides. It’s fabulous.

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