Pair - 700 North Moxi Series

$3,499.99 $1,777.99


Pair – 700 North Moxi Series

(9 customer reviews)

$3,499.99 $1,777.99

Unitron RIC (Receiver In Canal) 16 Channel – Standard Technology. Choose from the three model and two battery size options. The 700 North Moxi Series allows automatic programming features with standard high-technology. At this technology level the user will notice an improvement with noise reduction and clarity. Fit for mild to severe hearing loss. BlueTooth technology compatible with all accessories. North Moxi Series by Unitron is a robust platform with award winning design.


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9 reviews for Pair – 700 North Moxi Series

  1. Stevan Tedy

    I bought the Oticon Opn 1miniRITE’s in June. I tried several brands and Oticon produced the most natural sound. I did of research and the Opn model has the latest in technology. I love being able to talk hands free on my phone with the phone in my pocket. No additional Bluetooth device required. I feel much safer driving. I can walk around my house with my phone in my pocket listening to crystal clear music through my hearing aids….no wires and no headset, just my hearing aids. Has transformed my life. And I saved a lot of money by buying from The staff was very professional. I highly recommend.

  2. Simon Llala

    I recently bought hear aids and, although the cost was much lower, I had a concern about how the support would compare to my audiologist. The support from Cashpriseplaza was much better. After my purchase Cashpriseplaza worked with me to tune my hearing aids in my home over the internet. They stayed on the phone line with me while I tried out the changes they made in real time. That was way more efficient than going back and forth to the doctors office. I was very impressed with the level of support and professional approach from Cashpriseplaza. I highly recommend them!

  3. Chris

    Best price, great service, great technical follow up. Good honest people that you can trust. I looked at several other internet and local full service stores and this is the best value.I have recommended to all my friends.

  4. Deborah

    i purchased a pair of Phonak Audeo V90 – 312T from Cashpriseplaza. Although there was a shipping error, it was immediately corrected by Cashpriseplaza. These folks put the customer first. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  5. Jamie losed

    I have been exceptionally pleased with my new Phonak hearing aids. Your customer service to make sure I got the right product was outstanding. And you saved me $2500-$5000 to boot! You folks are fantastic.

  6. Sofia

    I have now had my PHONAK hearing aids for almost a year and could not be HAPPIER! They have EXCELLENT customer service and do not regret the day I decided to buy a ” Cashpriseplaza” product. They saved me a huge amount of money. Thank you very much!!

  7. Nichole Polize

    Rather than write a long review just let me confirm all the good things said in other posts. Saved huge on two pair of Oticon Alta 2 pros for wife and me. Reported wrong length receiver wires on one pair on Friday; received correct length early Monday afternoon. Pleasant, professional communications.

  8. Jasica

    When my daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss, we went to a hearing specialist who gave hear a set of hearing aids to try for a few weeks. New to the hearing aid world we were also told the cost to give hearing ability to my daughter would be $6300 for the set . What was a parent to do, I felt terrible, and was left to believe there was no other way! I started doing some checking and thank God found Cashprise at half the cost and insurance picked up 2k along with a 1k scholarships yes they are out there for students and others as well .It was now affordable and my daughter could hear, which changed her life. After contacting Gavin and his staff I have nothing to report but they do what they say , are excellent to work with! They took a stressful confusing experience and made it easy. Thank You Cashpriseplaza, especially Howe and Trisha you guys are AWESOME

  9. Emily Stacy

    Purchased the ReSound LiNX 9 from Cashpriseplaza. This is my first hearing aid and I was appalled at the prices until I found Cashpriseplaza. They are much less than the standard retail prices I saw. The service was excellent and everything was delivered as discussed with no extra costs.

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