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Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Enjoy crisp, clear sound
Bose technologies help reproduce music with the fullness, clarity and depth you might not expect from a portable Bluetooth speaker this size.

Rechargeable battery
Charge the speaker using the included wall charger.

Sound you can carry in your hand
Ideal for lounging from room to room, outdoor parties or hotel rooms, this portable speaker can be tucked away in your purse or backpack, so you can bring rich audio with you on the go.

Full-range sound
Four speaker drivers deliver robust audio that’s ideal for small parties and outdoor gatherings.

Sleek, durable design
Curved edges and thin profile make it easy to slip the speaker into a bag or backpack, so you can easily listen to tunes while you’re on the go.

Safeguards against dirt and dust
Silicone button panel ensures lasting use. Wrap-around metal grille creates a durable design and resists fingerprints to maintain a clean appearance.

Customize the look of your speaker
Connect wirelessly
Pair this speaker with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device, including cell phones, tablets and laptops.

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10 reviews for Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Lobo

    I bought this for my son on this site and he takes it everywhere! Before purchasing I compared many different brands of speakers and Bose was the best. I love the clear crisp sound and the separation of tones. I’m hoping for one for Christmas.

  2. Johan

    You can’t go wrong with any Boss sound system, I tried 2 diferent and cheaper systems before I spend this big money, but I am glad that I did it because this portable and powerful crystal clear sound worth every penny. great buy.

  3. Kiplinger

    i bought the speaker from this website as an impulsive buy yo use expiring rewards. I was able to use the speaker for a medium-sized event. It was perfect to provide background music during meals in a medium-large hotel meeting/dining room. In addition, it was used to supply music for a “fashion” event in the same venue. Certainly not load enough for a dance party but great for background to medium load music in a fairly large hotel meeting room venue.

  4. Foly

    I’m glad I bought this product here with good price. It’s easy to use and has great sound quaintly. Just wish it was a little bit cheaper.

  5. Byrum

    I purchased this speaker from here to use outdoors on my deck. The sound is clear and surprisingly powerful for the size of the speaker. The lights are definitely cool at night! There is a download for portable devices that allow for more customization of the light show. I struggled a bit at first with the app as it is not as intuitive as it should be. The app could be better. The battery life is really good. I’m very happy with this purchase i really recommend this site and the product.

  6. Chrisstopha

    This is my second Bose wireless system from cashpriseplaza, the first was excellent but I needed more battery life. I used for teaching early classes for High School students, power point and videos. The best portable hands down.

  7. Espino

    I use the Bose Soundlink III almost everywhere I go, especially good for traveling. Sound is crisp regarding the highs (high frequencies) and mids, but can struggle a bit with the lows (bass). Best used for classical, instrumental, rock, or soul music. 15 hours of greatness is what you get, I can vouch for Bose that you will not be disappointed. Hope my review helps cashpriseplaza, great

  8. Wele

    Good sound, good website and the colors are very interesting. I would recommend it over the bose alternative

  9. Jeanee

    Very pleased with the service from this website great customer care, very communicative and the speaker is very good. Felt guilty for spending so much money on it though, thought about returning it for something cheaper but I came to my senses when I heard the sound quality of several different brands .

  10. Marc

    I just received the speaker after 3 days and so far it is great. Quality product. Thanks

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